True North Nuts Help Homeless

trunorthI don’t mean nuts as in people who realllly love TrueNorth – I’m talking about Frito-Lay’s brand of nuts called True North and their new marketing campaign that highlights inspiring stories of change, like the one your probably saw during the Oscars (below).

TrueNorth purchased a 60 second commercial spot during the 81st Academy Awards on Sunday that featured Lisa Nigro, the founder of Inspiration Cafe in Chicago. Lisa Nigro, originally a police officer, began delivering food to homeless people using a red wagon, then a car, and then upgraded to a school bus. She now has three cafes that serve the homesless with “dignity and respect” as she says, as well as job training and housing for those in need.

TrueNorth dedicated the majority of the ad to Lisa and the inspiration cafe and only the last 6 seconds to their brand of nuts; which was incredibly generous! So far the commercial has been getting some great responses. Michael from Ecorazzi says “I think the entire country could use a bit of hope — even if it is from someone like Coke or a nuts company. Either way, kudos to injecting some humanity into the advertising last night. It was definitely a refreshing change.”

“I’m so happy TrueNorth is telling Lisa’s story and even more excited that it will get such a tremendous audience,” said Oscar-winner Helen Hunt, who directed the commercial. “I wanted to show, in images, the spirit of what Lisa is doing. I’m hoping others will be as inspired by her as I was.”

Watch the commercial now and spread the inspiration!

Thanks Ecorazzi and TheVibe


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